HUTCH (TOGETHER) 24 x 24 inches, oil, graphite, pyrography and ink on board

I am now showing my work at THE GEORGE gallery in Laguna Beach! THE GEORGE is especially exciting to me because of the artists gallerist Lisa Aslanian chooses and that they are all woman. I feel very blessed and I hope to reach out with my work in a way that I have not had the opportunity to do up to this point.

Since starting to draw again only a few years ago after almost 8 years of what seemed like an unbreakable creative block, I am feeling more and more like drawing and painting has a major place in my life. It is an amazing feeling not only because of the feeling itself but also because I can see myself surpassing the level of skill I had when I stopped drawing. The knowledge really does stay inside the brain, dormant, waiting to be taken out and used. It seems that only under those conditions can it grow.

I am very thankful.

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