It is 1962 and Elizabeth is having a difficult year. She is flunking out of her advanced space biosciences class, usually her best subject, she hasn’t applied to a single college program and her twin brother Kit is has been proclaimed permanently missing in action.

Elizabeth and Kit both belong to an elite group of teenagers trained from the time they were children to journey into space, to establish a colony on Mars. Her brother, a gifted architect and expert in “new material” had been chosen to travel with a small group of their Russian allies to touch down on the surface of Mars and establish base camp. 2 weeks into their journey, communication was lost between the Mercury I vessel and Ground Control.


Spacegirlandghost is a serial narrative that follows the adventures of Elizabeth Bruin as she tries to finish her last year of Academy, training to follow her brother into space in hopes of finding him alive all the while warding off increasingly intense hallucinations that strike only when she is on active training missions in outer space. Her hallucinations involve a large semitransparent dog named Ghost who is insistent that he can help her find Kit.