I knew the term “constable” and of course the commonly mentioned “murder” of crows but it felt to me that there must be several terms as there are usually several ways of going about saying anything in the English language. Conspiracy, constable…unkindness. The last struck me and I decided to do a portrait of a raven who is not really interested in being a part of an unkindness. The eyes are very important so I tried to imbue his with innocence and the enthusiasm of “someone” who wants to join up with others but cannot quite bring themselves to be a part of the group mentality.

I just ordered curved wood panels to start my motorcycle series on. Still highly featuring animals, this series will be more large-scale and equally focused on humans. I am really looking forward to spending a few solid days in the studio.

NOT EXACTLY A JOINER16 x 16 inchespyrography, graphite and acrylic on woodSOLD

16 x 16 inches
pyrography, graphite and acrylic on wood



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